Saturday, February 13, 2010

a daily dose of gross

I have boys. I live with all males. It's a fact...gross things happen pretty much daily around here. Last night was no exception. You may have read my facebook status that told about how Jonyn puked on me. Let me just tell you the whole story and give you a daily dose of gross.

Toby made a fort on the bunk beds last night for the older boys and told them he would sleep in their bed last night. He got it all put up, got the portable dvd player and popped in a movie and hopped in bed with the boys. So I took the baby into my bed last night to get him to go to sleep and to get in a few snuggles with him too. He fell asleep playing with my hair pretty fast. I guess I had fallen asleep with him before I could put him in his own bed. Around midnight he woke up and started squirming and getting kinda fussy. Usually this just means he's ready for his own bed. I generally get him back to sleep and go lay him down. Well last night he was laying kinda funny... sorta up on my shoulder but also on my pillow on his back. He had gotten still for a few seconds when suddenly, the nastiness went all over my face, in my eye, over my shoulder, on my pillow and dripping from my hair. It smelled AWFUL. Like puke, not spit up. I shot up, turned on the light and yelled for Toby to come sit with the baby so I could get in the shower NOW!! My eye was burning, my hair was dripping, it was gross. So I took a quick shower and I used my Herbal Essences Degunkify Shampoo. It just seemed appropriate (plus no conditioner required so it was faster). As soon as I hop out of the shower, I notice Jonyn has already fallen back to sleep on my bed at a weird angle. I go grab him some clean clothes and get a warm wash rag. The kid barely had anything on him. I pretty much got it all. I manage to wipe his face and hands and change his clothes without waking that baby up. He was worn out. Okay, I lay him in his bed and change my sheets and go back to sleep. Whew. Glad that's done with... I thought. At four in the morning he wakes up crying. I think he's just ready for some milk. Nope. I notice the odor as soon as I walk in there. Baby got sick again. Only this time he got it ALL over him. I had to throw the poor little guy in the bath at 4am. Awesome. Got his clothes on and his sheets changed finally. Then I tried to feed him, but he wasn't having any of it. So I lay down with him in my bed and snuggle him til he goes back to sleep. I really wanted to just keep him with me. But I knew that would be harder to clean up than his little bed if he happened to chuck again. So I got him back in his bed again, with a sad heart. I don't like it when my babies are sick... what a night.

good times, people. good times.

ps. I should tell you that when I'm expecting, I have the weirdest dreams. Only this whole week I've been dreaming about things that have happened or things that really could happen in real life. So I've had to really think hard sometimes about what has been a real memory and what I dreamed up. I tell you that because after he got sick on me, I kept dreaming about it being on the bed so during my wakeful times where I toss and turn, I really thought I had to avoid part of my bed. It was strange. Maybe I'm strange. But it was not very restful from 12:30 to 4am.

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