Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh cranky babe

Today was a slightly frustrating day. First let me fill you in on the nursing situation. My OB told me to quit nursing because it takes nutrients away from the baby in the womb. My gut (and my research) tells me that it's not a big deal. That it is absolutely fine to nurse while pregnant. I originally planned on stopping because I didn't want to fight that battle when I went in the see the doctor. BUT it's been slightly more difficult than that - than stopping. J likes to nurse and has his ways of telling me he wants to when he's over tired or over stimulated or stressed. So I've been letting him. We've been doing a combo of breast milk, whole milk, and formula.

So the reason for the long explanation is to tell you that this morning when I was ready to get up, Jonyn woke up wanting to nurse, so I let him. That caused me to get up later than planned so I missed my morning study this morning. I could tell all day that it was NOT a good thing I missed it. Plus all morning long, my beautiful baby boy wore this face when he was not being held.

Although it got to the point where he wasn't happy being held either. He was just fussing and squirming. I was nearly in tears before lunch time today. I had originally planned on giving the house a good scrubbing because man... it seriously needs some love. and elbow grease. But the baby just couldn't live life outside my arms today, and even that wasn't good enough at times. So at one point, the tears were at the edge and I just had to sit him down in his bed and let him cry for a minute.
I felt like a terrible mom today. I was at my wit's end. So when I went back in there to scoop him up after I shoved the tears back down, I captured a few snaps of my boy.
He just wanted out of his bed. I did feel really bad for leaving him in there for a minute, but I really needed my sanity. I really did. It's funny how some days with just on of my babes in the house is harder than having all three of them home.
As soon as Toby came home for lunch, I asked him to take the babe for a while. He wasn't really happy unless Daddy was standing with him. But I was able to at least throw my dipes in the washer and get those going. That was all I had accomplished at that point.
After lunch, when Toby went back to work, I held my boy close to me and he finally fell asleep (this was the 2nd attempt of the day). I was actually able to lay him in his bed (hurray) and by that time, I was so worn out that I fell asleep too. He had a really good nap and was somewhat happy the rest of the evening. So I was able to do two loads of dishes, half of them got rewashed in the second load because I need a new dishwasher for this house. It doesn't clean very well anymore. It's slowly been getting worse and I'm spoiled and with 5 going on 6 people in this house that use dishes, it's not gonna be fun hand washing all those dishes.

Also, I'm convinced today would have been a lot easier if I had one of THESE. A Mei Tai Baby Carrier. I like that you can put the baby on your back and have both hands free with out it restricting the use of one my arms like my slings do. I ADORE my slings, but because they go slightly onto my shoulder, it's hard to lift my arm all the way up without the sling slipping up against my neck and becoming uncomfortable. The Mei Tai would have allowed me to accomplish things today because both me and baby would have been a lot happier and we wouldn't have had so many tears today.
So I believe I will be searching ebay tomorrow for a great deal on a Mei Tai Carrier so on days like today Jonyn will be happier because he will be held and carried around and I will be able to get some things done. And there will hopefully be a few less tears!

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