Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday's Top Ten

Ten things about Toby and me:

1. We met at a grocery store (my first job) when we were in high school (separate schools).

2. We originally were going to get married in June 2000, but waited because he joined the Air Force without telling me. He knew I didn't want that life but he wanted a sure way to provide for us, so he was sneaky about it. So we married in December 2000 when he was on Christmas break and had two weeks at home. Air Force = best thing to ever happen to us as newlyweds. Being on our own kept us together.

3. The first engagement ring he got me was in the shape of a butterfly. In high school, I had a really big thing for butterflies. I plan on giving it to my daughter if I have one. If not, then to my first daughter-in-law.

4. When we had a truck, I ALWAYS sat in the middle next to him without fail.

5. We LOVE board games. No better way to spend a Friday night.

6. He made me watch my first Star Wars movie shortly after we started dating. That was when he kissed me for the first time.

7. He's never asked me to be more than I am. Loving me for me is one of his best qualities. And trust me, my looks have changed over the years. I looked way different when we first met and married.

8. We like to play video games and watch movies together.

9. We got married at 7:00 at night and straight after the wedding, we were so hungry (small wedding, no real reception) that we went to the McDonald's drive thru. And the dude behind the window was like Hey Congratulations!

10. And we're in it for the long haul. For the forever and the always. For the til death do us part. For each other.

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