Thursday, March 18, 2010

happy tears

So I really need to say THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has been praying for our newest little one. We are so very grateful to you. Having a baby is a blessing to be shared with many. Those both close to us, and far away from us. These past several weeks have been long and full of worry and wonder and hope. I know bad things can happen even when we pray our hardest. So it was hard for me to get my hopes up for this little one growing inside me. Until today. Today, I really am excited. Today I got to see how wiggly and squirmy and perfect this baby is. Today I nearly cried. Happy tears, of course.

We went in for a twelve week ultrasound. We didn't get a babysitter, so we took all three boys. And they were well behaved. They are such sweet kids. We've been blessed enough to have boys who at least act like little men in public, even if they run around like little cavemen at home ;) Anyways, they were excited about getting to see the baby, even though Kanyon thought that meant 'getting it out'. Holding Jonyn and talking to the boys was a good distraction from what I was feeling deep down inside. I couldn't keep still. My leg was bouncing like crazy. My hand was tapping whatever it could find. Anxious. I was anxious and nervous and a little scared.

Then Doc came in and chatted for a minute, then placed the little wand on my tummy with the goopy gel. And there he/she was. Doc kept calling it HER and SHE. I just don't wanna get everyone's hopes up just yet. We only have two more visits and two more months til we get to find out what we're having. It could very well be a boy. Hey, I'm just realistic. I really think I'd be okay with another monkey boy running around here.

Anyways, the wand was like magic when it was transferring the image to the screen, because there lie my sweet little baby all squirmy and wiggly and beautiful already. Two arms, two legs, two hands and two feet, a nice round tummy, and a sweet little face, and oh the heartbeat. I love seeing the fuzzy screen flutter to the rhythm of a tiny babe's heartbeat. So perfect. Gosh, I couldn't have asked for anything more. His or her legs were just stretching and moving and going. And the hands... oh the hands. My heart melts. The boys loved it too. Jonyn was nearly asleep during the whole process, but the older two... they were fascinated. And so was I.

She/He was measuring bigger than just 12wks. In fact when her measured how big she was, the monitor said 12wks 6days. (Babycenter said at 12wks, baby should be just over 2in long. My little peanut is 3in). So I know she or he is growing healthy and my ovulation was just all wacky when this baby was conceived. So I'm pretty much due anywhere between the 24th and the 30th of September. I really plan on going into labor on my own this time!! At least I hope so.

And the tears? They didn't come until I was waiting to get my blood drawn and texting my Mom. As soon as I started saying everything was great, I almost couldn't contain the tears that wanted to stream down my face. Happy tears. I love happy tears.

It's real. This baby is really okay. I'm really going to have another sweet babe to fill this house with love and laughter. Today, my heart overflows. 


  1. :D i am sooo very happy for you guys... I am glad you had your tears of joy!!! Praise the lord!!!

  2. YIPPEEEEEE!! Oh friend!! I am just so excited! And don't think for one second that I didn't catch on that you kept saying 'she' BEFORE 'he' during that entire WONDERFUL blog!! :) Moms ALWAYS know... SHE/he is beautiful!! I wanted to call you...thought about you all night last night! Was gonna call you this morning and DANG IT I left the phone on the floor by my bed!! And thanks to electronic phone books, I don't have anyones phone numbers memorized anymore!! I can't wait to talk to you tonight!! If you get this before then...CALL ME!! Love you tons!!

  3. That is wonderful! I am so excited for you Brooke!

  4. I am so happy for you guys!!! Thanks for posting this it is so beautiful! I am praying for little baby chambers number 4!!! Congrats!


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