Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the bloody nose

Okay, so it's not that big of a deal, but Jonyn did get his first bloody nose yesterday. It was his clumsiness that caused the madness. He was a pretty upset little dude for the first few minutes after it happened.

Here he was playing happily, wooden spoon in tow, earlier that morning:

He's always got some kinda something in his hand. Either a straw, a pen he's found, my spoons, a brush. If he can find something he can carry all day, he will.

I had been doing lots of laundry yesterday and he usually wobbles into the laundry room with me. He was on his way out behind me when he misjudged the distance he was standing from the couch. He came wobbling out, reached for the back, and instead his hands when to the ground and he face planted straight into the couch.

About a third of the way up from the bottom a board runs behind the leather that you can feel just by running your hands down the back of the couch. We learned it's perfect height for toddlers to bust their noses on.

After he calmed down, he looked like this. Not only did he scrape just under his nose, but he also busted it and was bleeding out of it and wouldn't let me take care of it and wipe it up. I choose my battle. I didn't want to make it hurt more than it already did. Of course, he was still fine with playing after he calmed down, but he sure wasn't going to look happy doing it!

After an hour or so, he was tired and decided to sleep it off...WHILE his lunch was cooking!! So he skipped lunch and headed straight for a nap to sleep it off. (Thanks for the blankies Aunt Nikki)!!

After his nap (which lasted longer than I thought it would since it was so early in the day) he was happy as can be. Here's the damage after he was awake and happy.
{^here, he was trying to see inside my camera lens}

He's still walking everywhere. Even after he busted... he didn't let one bloody nose scare him!! He's still a little scratched up today, but it does look much better!

Happy Tuesday, yall!

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