Monday, March 15, 2010

i love spring break :)

It is spring break! Yay for not getting up early for school!! The kids were up Saturday BEFORE 7am. So I was worried how the rest of the week might go, but today, they slept nice and long! Which means I didn't have to crawl out of bed til 830am! WOO! Love that. Usually 8am is my up and at 'em time on the no school days. My body just won't hardly let me sleep beyond that. And I'm great with that. As I get older, waking up a little early on Saturdays has become better for me. I don't feel like half my day is gone because I slept til 10 o'clock.

I do have my own little secret for getting ready in 10 minutes or less. That's showered, dressed, hair fixed and make up done. Yes, I can do that. It took me awhile to figure out the formula, but now I got it down. When I need to get ready quickly, like on Sunday mornings, when I have to be at church at 830am to open the nursery.... I will take my shower at night. My next secret is for getting my hair fixed quickly the next morning. After my night time shower. I'll keep my hair in the towel until it's no longer soaking wet. Then I put some gel in it and french braid it while it's wet and gelled. And sleep on it that way. That's it. That's how I prep for quick morning get readys. When I wake up, I put on some clothes. Put on some deodorant, put on my face...usually just a little blush and a tad bit of eye shadow (sometimes I skip the shadow) and my mascara. I've given up on foundations and powders. They're not so necessary for me anymore - unless it's a REALLY special occasion. Anyways, then I take down my hair (it's instantly wavy), use a little spray gel, scrunch up the ends, use a little hair spray and BAM! I'm ready for the day! 10 minutes! It's pretty sweet. Oh, and somewhere in there, I brush my teeth and put lotion on my lizard skin elbows. And put on my wedding ring, stud earrings, and a ring on my other hand since I have deemed it necessary to wear a ring on each hand and some kind of earrings!!

I used to go through this routine every day. Take my showers at night every night. I've slacked lately and think I'll start doing that again soon. With 3 1/2 kids, it makes things go so much easier because I can focus on getting them ready instead of getting me ready. Plus I can sleep like an extra 15 or 20 minutes in the morning. And for me, that makes a difference. I get my best sleep in the morning hours.

And with that, I leave you with Jonyn's newest trick. Climbing onto the ottoman and chillin' like he owns the world! He's pretty much the cutest!

Happy Monday Homies!

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