Saturday, March 13, 2010

it's his birthday!

Here's a few of my favorite birthday photos from yesterday. Okay, so really, it was super hard to choose faves since I loved nearly ALL of them. Mostly it's the cutie pie boy that steals my heart! He's pretty dern adorable whether he's serious or smiling. I totally LOVE serious photos of kiddos, so some of those made the favorite list. I also LOVE odd angles at times!! I really love that this boy's Daddy can make him smile and giggle like no one else! He's so precious!! To see more, there's a few on my Facebook page. Of course, they may be the same as these... I just don't remember. But there's more HERE. PEACE!!

^ favorite!
^ Daddy helping me get the giggles!! yay for Daddy!
^ my boy crawling out the door and playing with the leaves. I LOVE this one!

ps..don'tcha just love onsies on little babes? 'Specially babes with chubby wittle wegs!!!

ALL of his photos can be found on my Flickr

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