Monday, March 1, 2010


This week. I really wanna get just SOMETHING done... anything around here. Jonyn has been attached to me for the last two weeks. There's been a lot of rocking and holding and swaying and sweet shushing and patting and back rubbing and snuggling and cuddling and.... and patience. He was sick for the first week. Then the second week... oh, the second week. He started meds on Monday, had a reaction on Tuesday. Had to feed him Benedryl for two days to get the hives to go away. Finally got him started on new meds towards the end of last week. Then this morning he wakes up with two tiny teeth popped through his top front gums. So he's been a bit clingy today too.

I tell ya people, my laundry has NEVER been piled as high as it is at this very moment. I mean that literally. It's almost as tall as me. I mean, how DOES that happen? Well, I guess when you have a baby that needs you ALLTHETIME for two weeks straight, it happens quite easily!! It's all good. Maybe tomorrow he'll feel better while both older boys are at school and I can tackle the massive mound of clothes!

I still haven't finished making those cloth diapers I started on on Sunday. I want to TRY and finish those tomorrow too. Oh we'll see.

And on top of that I would LIKE to get some more of my Beth Moore study done. I'm so far behind. But I desperately NEED this particular study. It seems that for as much as I think I need it, I just can't get it done. I'm sad that while every other lady is talking about how blessed they've been by it, all I can think is how embarrassing it is that I'm so stinkin' far behind.

Sometimes it feels like I'm suffocating in my own house because it gets so messy and cleaning gets so far behind. I hope my baby feels better tomorrow and he plays his little heart out so I can get just SOMETHING done around this joint.

Peace out my homies!

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