Saturday, March 13, 2010

new dipees!

So we've been having some problems with leaky dipes at night and during naps. It's been an issue for a while. Basically I have only a few he can wear at night that don't leak. And even sometimes those don't hold it all in properly. My problem is that the original ones I purchased where some cheapy ones. I had planned on getting a good brand after testing the waters and making sure cloth was right for me. Then I quickly realized how costly it could become to the 'good' kind. SO I made some. And they work great for daytime. No problems there (unless I just forget to change him.... but I wouldn't do that... okay, I would). They don't work well for naps and nights. The pattern I had used was a really easy one to follow with step by step photos with the instructions. (Visual learner). So I've been looking for some more for night and well, we just are going to need an extra stash with a new little bundle. So I've been ebay searching for awhile for a good deal on some descent dipes. I found some that I decided to try. They are Kawaii Brand Diaper Covers. They're the Stay Dry ones with snaps on that site. I found 6 on ebay for $19 wish shipping. Not too bad. I got them yesterday. She said they were gently used, and I saw no real sign of use. They were in perfect condition. The real test for us was going to be the overnight test. So I got them washed up yesterday and tried them. Gosh, no leaks!! at all!! And after *finally* finding the website for them, everything they have is reasonable. So I plan on testing these out a little longer before investing in more. I'm hoping they work out well since the price is right on all of her stuff! Anyways, thought I would share! I'll give you an update in a couple of months or so.

Happy Saturday homies!

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