Friday, March 12, 2010


One year ago today, we were waiting patiently. We were dreaming. hoping. praying. I labored. And truly, it was a labor of love, as they all have been. I contracted. I pushed. We held our sweet little dark haired, blue eyed love for the first time. Our precious third born son. We had his first name picked out a few months before his arrival. His middle, however, we changed the night before as we were crawling in bed to rest for the next day's activities. Jonyn Blakely. How perfect it was and is. I loved it. I adore it now. I adore the boy who holds that name. He's beautiful and sweet and snugly and playful and rough and tumble and chatty and go-go-go. He's perfect and innocent and so loved.
Tears come as I think about the road we took to get to this day. He's been so healthy and really, just perfect this whole first year. It was the years leading up to his birth that were hard and scary and painful. And now, so much joy has resulted from those times in our lives that were difficult. Jonyn. My sweet little love. What more could I say except I love him so incredibly much. He's blessed us beyond words. His brothers absolutely adore him and he them. He has brothers. Big brothers who will always have his back and protect him and watch over him and love him like only brothers can. How special it must be to be brothers like that. I can't wait to see how my boys' relationships blossom as they grow in age and maturity. And then, he'll get to be the big brother. Oh, how my heart melts over this. Some sweet little boy or girl will have Jonyn as a big brother along with Taylan and Kanyon who will be old pros by the time this fourth one is born. Mm, how perfect. My family will be beautiful and perfect and maybe complete (depending on God and well, ya know, how I feel about the situation after this one's born). Gosh, we are blessed...beyond what we deserve. I'm thankful for my sweet little love who is one today. Who has no idea what today really is. Who could care less that it's special for us and him. Who just wants to eat, sleep, and play all the live long day. My baby Jonyn. I love you my sweet. My love. My littlest boy. My perfect angel. My squishy, chubby, cuddly, snugly, cutie pie baby. You make my heart melt with just a simple look. Mommy loves you forever and ever.

ps... these are not his actual birthday photos. Those will be done after nap time. These are his hello beautiful, good morning sunshine, wake up it's your first birthday photos!!

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