Thursday, March 25, 2010

sleepy little man

warning: image overload. 

warning #2: you might accidentally laugh out loud during the course of this post.

As promised (ok, so a day late), here are the photos of my littlest sweet one falling asleep as he's eating dinner. It was so funny. I was in the kitchen doing... something, don't remember what... when I glanced over to see him fighting off his sleep and fluttering his eyes. He was actually eating with his eyes closed people! It was so funny. He even managed to pick up his cup and drink his juice with closed eye lids too. All I could do was giggle while he was eating half asleep. Oh and take pictures of him! I'm still laughing when I see these photos. I hope it brightens your day a little too :)

PS.. I should mention that this happened because I'm such a dingy awesome mom that I totally skipped over nap time. Yep.

PS again... if you did not laugh, I'm sorry :( I probably think it's super funny cause it's my own kid :)

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. LOL... it made me smile... He is too cute... i have been waitting for these pictures!!!


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