Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yes, we know we already have three kids. Yes, we knew we wanted another one and we knew that would make four kids. Yes, we know how babies happen. Yes, we love our kids. Yes, we are going to have a big family and yes, we're happy about it. Yes, we would like you to not to say things like Oh My Gosh!! Another one?!?! or Whoa, four kids?? or Already?? or anything of the like. And YES there is ALWAYS a teensy tiny possibility that we would have one more baby after this one. And yes, we'd be okay with that too. And no, we are not crazy. We haven't lost our minds. It is okay to want and actually HAVE a large family. It really is. And yes, we do know what we're doing (most of the time). I promise. And yes, we CAN and are ABLE to take care of our children.

A big family is beautiful. A big family is one full of loads of love, constant laughter, sharing, giving, hugging, kissing, crying, playing, fun, dreaming, comforting, imagining, caring. A big family can be entertained by each other and enjoy it.

Yes, there is also fighting, bickering, arguing, punching, kicking, hitting, yelling. But isn't it all worth it? We are growing up babies for the Kingdom of God. We are making sure our babes are loved and know it. We are making sure they feel taken care of. And they know they are important. And they know they have a place where they will always belong and will always be welcome. And they know God can handle anything life throws at them. And God loves them unconditionally. And so do we.

I love my babies. I love them with everything I have in me. And I love my husband. More than life, I love him. Without his willing huge wide open bigger than life heart, my life would mean very little. And he loves our babies too. And we will have as many as we want (if God allows, of course), because it is important to us. It's our family. It's us raising them and loving them, and taking care of them. It's our happy little un-perfect perfect life. And I wouldn't have it any other way..... except to have more kids (maybe) ;) ..and at least one sweet girl in the mix!


  1. Amen! I get so annoyed by all the comments that people make. I amuse myself by coming up with smart and cunning (okay, sarcastic) responses to the most often asked questions and comments. Like:

    Don't you know what causes that?
    "No, could you please tell me?" or
    "Yes, and we like it a LOT!"

    My, you have your hands full.
    "Nope, there's 5 fingers on each hand, which means I can have 6 more before they're full."

    Are they ALL yours?
    "No, I found two of them in the freezer section for half price. Hurry, you might find more"

    It's funny to watch their reaction, and I like to think that they might just rethink making a thoughtless comment again to the next larger family they encounter.

  2. Haha!! I love that comment...and I would love even more to hear YOU say that to people!! Too funny! Hang in there friend! I love you!!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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