Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Top Ten

Ten things I never considered before I became a parent:

1. That there would actually be poop in the bathtub. (The older two NEVER pooped in the bath. Not once. J does it every other bath).

2. A baby might actually spit up in my mouth. It's gross.

3. Breastfeeding HURTS until you're used to it!!

4. I never knew I could go through so many different emotions in the span of an hour. sheesh.

5. That I would be a stay at home Mom. I always said I'd be a working Mom, and my kids would be in daycare. Then I actually had kids and couldn't stand the thought of being away from them all day long.

6. Washing my hair doesn't always happen on a daily basis. Sometimes there's only time to get in, get a little soapy, and get out.

7. On occasion, having THE right cup at dinner time is a BIG.DEAL.

8. I didn't know my heart could love this much. And hurt all at the same time.

9. How fast little boys can tear holes in the knees of jeans.

10. Growing up, I always knew I wanted four babies... but I didn't think that I would keep wanting more. (yes Mom, I would love to have a fifth baby someday, but I would stop at five). Truthfully, if this is a girl, it is likely my last one. But that ache will be there when she's no longer a tiny baby, but a roaming toddler. If it's a boy, just a warning, there MAY or may not be number five :) (and I'm okay with it if there is a number five). I am called to be a Mom... {now if I could just get the parenting thing right...}

Happy Weekend, my homies!

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  1. Oh I'm laughing at the poop in the tub. I've never once had to experience that with any of my 4 children, thankfully. :p

    Growing up I only wanted 2 children; 1 boy and 1 girl. When we were pg with #4 we decided that it really was time to stop and Josh had a vas. God really worked on our hearts during the years that followed, and 11 months ago he had that vas reversed. I'd be more than happy to have a number 5, and just as happy to have a number 12.

    I know it seems crazy to most people, but as long as God has children for our family, we'll gladly welcome them. :)


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