Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Top Ten

Ten reasons I LOVE my mombomb van, cause really, we seriously LOVE it! And for these reasons:

1. The space is just AMAZING! Especially great when we travel home to Oklahoma with all these childrens!

2. The gas mileage is pretty great when we travel too.

3. There's still room for all of our stuff, even with 3 rows of seating. The back always holds everything we need it to.

4. The sliding doors. Probably my favorite feature! No worrying about the doors opening too wide or kids throwing them open into other cars. (Although I have learned that other people think that it is okay to let their doors slam into vans since they're not as high dollar as beamers or anything...blah. Never happened so much with any other vehicle we've owned).

5. Our van feels like it rides high, but it's still low enough to the ground that the kids can climb in by themselves.

6. I know I already said space, but it's so nice to be able to lay the front passenger seat back on those long car trips and still have room for the person in back.

7. It rides smoother than our Saturn Vue did (though I truly did love that vehicle!!), that's a bonus!

8. The cost to purchase it was very reasonable! It was used, but much more affordable than the big SUV I dreamed of at the time. Although now, I wouldn't even think of getting something else!

9. Nothing says FAMILY like the minivan ;) Oh yeah baby!!!

10. And lastly, it is easy for ME to get into! That is a BIG bonus with my short self!

Have a great weekend, people!!

ps... even the husband thinks it's pretty awesome!! double bonus! ;)

also, after re-reading this post, I realized I said bonus about....waytoomany times!!

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