Saturday, April 17, 2010

I suppose I'm just odd.

I MUST be an unusual case. First, I have had thyroid issues since I was eleven. ELEVEN. Most women won't develop thyroid problems until they are well into their twenties or thirties. I have hypothyroidism. - an UNDER active thyroid. My thyroid is slugglish. My metabolism is slow. My body gains weight so easily. And when my thyroid is off, my whole world is off. I'm exhausted and moody and then some. So when I tell people in the medical profession that I have been suffering from this since I was 11, for 16 years, they're all shocked. And some get a look and tone of utter disbelief, as if I'm lying to their face. No one has ever said that I was an unusual case... until now. My OB said that. I'm glad he did, even though I'm certain he still doesn't full believe that I've had this since I was just a kid. My neck was huge, ya'll. I can look at my school photos from around that time and notice that my neck went from huge before the meds, to normal size after. People, I can't help it if I'm just odd!

Also, ever heard of PUPPP? It stands for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. Try saying THAT tens times fast. I had this during my second pregnancy. Now, if you do the research, most women get this during their third trimester, and it can last until after delivery. Basically, PUPPP is rash that occurs in pregnant women and it starts on their tummy in their stretch marks and spreads to nearly everywhere, except the face. It goes away after you give birth. I got this early in my 6mth of pregnancy with my second child. It's something that doesn't happen to a lot of women. It's not widely known as a common ailment. It was miserable. SUPER itchy. At first, we thought I had a reaction to something, because within a day, what had started on my tummy spread to EVERYWHERE. Except, I actually DID have it on my face, even on my eyelids, and between my fingers and toes. I had a severe case of PUPPP. The ER doc didn't know what it was. The Minor Emergency Clinic finally diagnosed me. It was awful. And now? now I'm only around 16 or 17 weeks and YES it is starting again! Only, it's starting on my arm. I read where it can start there but it is RARE. So no, it's not my third trimester and yes, I have this dadgum rash that is making want to scratch the skin straight off my arm! Yes, I tend to be an unusual case....  And if you see it on me, or see me clawing myself, no it's not some weird contagious disease that you can catch. I promise. It is just hormones from this pregnancy driving me just a tad NUTS!

Thank you and have a good day!

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