Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my wall and such

I've been wanting to take this off our living room wall:

It's not that I don't like it. I really do! I LOVE the oranges and yellows. But it is afterall, just a poster in a cheap plastic frame. I've had it since before Taylan was born! That's SEVEN years! And, people, I like some change. So it's way past the 'it's about time' time. It's a great print, BUT IT'S TIME TO GET SOMETHING ELSE! And well, now that I've got myself a whole slew of kiddos, I have plenty of photos to display on my walls.

See, I've always had my giganto entertainment stand FULL of photos of our family (including a few of myself *gasp!*) and both of our extended families. In this first image, you'll see THE only family photo we've ever gone to have made. Yeah... Kanyon was four months old in that image (top right in the back). I try to keep updated photos in my house as well as photos from when the babes where, well... babies.

This is the right side of our entertainment stand . Look! A photo of me and Toby, together, by ourselves, after we had kids!!! Ah, and there's my great Granny, that I miss terribly. My Mom is front and center cause I love 'er to death! And the bottom front center is a photo from the Christmas I was pregnant with Jonyn. A self portrait of the four of us. I don't have any photos of the five of us, except the ONE with us at the hospital, which I completely and utterly adore. (But if there's any photogs out there that wanna do a family shoot swap... I'm in!! *call me*)

I love my photos. The old ones, the new ones. All of them. And these frames just got put up right before the Superbowl. I need a different photo of Toby and me that is sized a bit smaller, but it's all I had at the time, so it stays for now. I love that they're all B&W.

And finally, here is what has replaced the elephant and giraffe poster:

My favorite thing is that all but three of those photos are ones I have taken. Some faves of my boys. And a photo of Toby that I am absolutely in LOVE with. It's my favorite one of him ever. And I love that I took it :) I love the way a 10x20 photo looks. I love that all my guys are together in a 10x20. It's a thing of beauty! Once baby 4 is born, that baby photo will replace the one of  T & K together. Also, I realize there's not onesingleone of me up there. There will be. I have two 8x10 frames that will go up on the left. I first need a photo of Toby and me (a more recent one) and one of the three of my boys together. Not sure how that'll happen. That's why I need someone ELSE to take our photographs! My kids ignore me and my camera!!!

So that's a tour of my living room photo arrangements. I dig it! And sorry 'bout the poor quality of some of these photos. It's still sunless here today, so my house is kinda drab right now.

Peace out, my homies!

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