Friday, April 30, 2010

Olive Oil

So last night I went in search of a homemade remedy for the boys bedroom's squeaky door hinge. We don't have any WD-40 at the house, but we needed something to fix that door. Jonyn tends to wake up as soon as he hears that squeak when being laid in bed after he's already asleep. And last night, I REALLY wanted to read my Bible and do my study and have some quiet time in the QUIET! Usually, he's running around the bed and whatnot while I read and such. Most nights it's not a bother, but last night, he was sleepy and literally ON TOP of my books I had spread out. So Daddy walked him for just a little bit and he was OUT! Anyhow, I went to my search bar and typed in what I was looking for. And sure enough, there's a natural way to fix squeaky doors! I was so happy. I found Olive Oil to be the cure. As soon as I rubbed the hinges with the oil soaked cotton balls, it was instant NO-SQUEAKAGE! Oh yes! I had never been so thankful before!

I already use Olive Oil in my cloth baby wipe solution and on my furniture and last night, this site listed a multitude of other things you can use it for.

"Olive oil also has plenty of uses around your home, outside of the sauté pan. There’s no need to waste your expensive Greek or Spanish Extra Virgin for these tasks, just grab a bottle of inexpensive, domestic olive oil for around-the-house use. You can cut down on excess oil by investing in a refillable spray can, such as the Misto.

1. Shave. Olive oil can provide a safe and natural lubricant for a close shave. Rub in an extra teaspoon after washing your body or face once finished.
2. Wood Furniture Polish. Wipe with a teaspoon of olive oil and a soft rag. Add a bit of vinegar of citrus juice to bulk up the cleaning power, and add a fresh scent.
3. Fingernails. Use a bit of olive oil to moisturize cuticles, or mix oil and water and soak your hands before a manicure.
4. Lubricate Measuring Cups and Spoons. Rub or spray olive oil on your measuring tools for easy clean-up of sticky substances like honey, grain mustards, and sugar syrups,
5. Control hair frizz. Comb a bit of olive oil through dry hair to tame the frizz and flyaways on humid days or in the winter.
6. Free a stuck zipper. Use a cotton swab to apply olive oil to the teeth of a zipper, then gently ease the tab down.
7. Care for your kitty. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to your cat’s food to help prevent hairballs, and provide a shiny coat.
8.  DIY Lip balm. Mix olive oil and melted beeswax in a 1:1 ratio, with an essential oil for fragrance, and say goodbye to dry and chapped lips.
9. Stop Snoring. Take a sip of olive oil before heading to bed. It might lubricate your throat muscles, and stop yourself, or your partner, from snoring.
10. Shine stainless steel and brass. Rub a bit of olive oil on a clean rag to prevent streaks, corrosion, and tarnish. 
11. Exfoliate your face and hands. Rub your skin with olive oil, then scrub with sugar or coarse salt, and rinse.
12. As you bathe. Add a few tablespoons of olive oil to your running bath water. You’ll be amazed when you towel off.
13. Remove makeup. Dab a bit under your eyes, on your cheeks and forehead, then wipe with a damp cloth.
14. Cure an earache. Very carefully, use a cotton swab to apply olive oil to the outside ear cavity to help with earaches and excess wax.
15. Remove paint from your skin. Rub on olive oil onto messy hand and arms (or faces) and allow the oil to soak into the skin for five minutes, then rinse with soap and water.
16. Treat lice. Apply olive oil to your youngster’s hair, and leave on for at least 40 minutes. Shampoo twice, then apply a preventative.
17. Stop a throat tickle. Take a sip of olive oil to stop the itchy flicker that is making you cough.
18. Fix a squeaky door. Use a rag or cotton swab to apply olive oil to the top of a problematic hinge in your home or automobile.
19. Shoe polish. Rub down your shoes with just a spray of olive oil to maintain their shine.
20. Personal Lubricant. It works…
21. Soften your skin. Rub olive oil daily on notoriously dry areas, such as your feet or elbows, especially after a shower, shaving, or waxing.
22. Easy clean up of garden tools. Spritz some olive oil on your tools to cut down on dirt buildup. Read more here!
23. Condition leather. Rub olive oil into worn leather, such as a baseball glove, and let set for 30 minutes, then wipe away any excess.
24. As a hair tonic. Comb some olive oil through your hair for the vintage look of pomade without the build-up, or add a bit to wet hair for grungy, but clean, look.
25. Cure diaper rash. Gently wipe on olive oil to your baby’s bottom to help with the irritation of diaper rash."

We already know I tried 18. I'm going to try 1 and 21 soon. And number 11, with brown sugar. Number 20, I'm not so sure about *blush*. I already use 3 with equal parts oil and lemon or lime juice. It works fantastically. And number 12 IF EVER I take another bath again *sigh*, but I do plan on putting a bit in J's bath tonight!

Also, I read a comment on that site where someone struggles with Psoriasis and uses Olive Oil daily and has no more trouble with it. I've had Psoriasis on my head only since about puberty. In the past couple of years, since just before I got pregnant with Jonyn, it has been giving me trouble on my body. Mainly my stomach, breast, bum, back, and more recently, on the under side of my arms. So I'm giving it a try! I'll let you know if my ugly red spots go away!

Happy weekend! Peace out!

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  1. I love olive oil... I use lemon juice and vinger for a bunch of stuff too... Gotta love natural ways to clean and be all handy!!!


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