Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Day Without Shoes...

Today is my first guest post. And it seems so official. My guest today is my very own husband, Toby!


So, today was April 8th which is usually a normal day however, on this April 8th I participated in a world wide event that raises awareness about people that can't afford shoes. This day is promoted by Toms Shoes. If you haven't heard, Toms Shoes distributes one pair of shoes to someone who doesn't have any for every one pair they sell. So if you buy a pair, Tom's gives a pair away to someone who needs it. Lets get to it...

My experience today was a little refreshing, albeit a little painful. It seems as if I had been taking my shoes for granted. When I typically wake up I don't think about the item made of leather and rubber that I'm slipping onto my feet. On any given day I wear a pair of Reebok shoes. They are solid white with a navy blue sole, they are really beige color at the moment I guess, "off-white". The toes are scuffed on them because over the course of time this tends to happen. I don't ever untie them because it's easier and faster to just slip them on, so I keep them loose enough to go on easily but not so loose that they'll slip off if I run. I always tuck my shoe laces into my shoes so they don't come untied because I don't want to retie them. And over the last year or so this one pair of shoes has single handedly (or foot) protected my feet from the evil thorns that I would otherwise have to endure as I walk across a field to pick my son up from school.

I learned to appreciate my shoes today as I experienced only a portion (if you could even call it that) of what others around the world experience daily. In some countries kids are denied access to school because they have no shoes, which are a requirement as part of their uniform. In others, like Ethiopia, people suffer from a foot condition known as Podoconiosis. It's as hard to say as the pictures of it are to look at. Its pronounced Podo - cone - knee - osis, hope that helps! This condition is caused from walking barefoot... on volcanic soil. In some of the images people were affected so badly that there legs were swollen up to their knees.

So today I walked barefoot to and from work and where public places permitted it. My feet got dirty and I stepped on a few thorns that I promptly pulled out. Even at this moment as I sit here and type this my feet have a slight sting to them. But I've realized that it could be much worse and that the Lord has blessed me and my family with a simple thing that I've all to often taken for granted, shoes. Maybe I can do more to help a worldwide effort to get everyone shoes, or maybe I could just help my local community by donating my old shoes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army instead of throwing them away next time. Ask yourself what you could do to help out. And, if you need some motivation, try walking a day in their life without your shoes.


Thank you Toby!


  1. Awesome Toby!! Thank you so much for the humbling moment today...we need those every now and then. :o)

  2. Its crazy what we take for granted in our life!! I HATE to wear shoes and ONLY wear them if i have to or if i am walking across a field.. Thank the lord i have them to wear when i need them.. I have given a lot of things to the goodwill (or my mom has) i dont think its right for them to be able to get what is given to them and then turn around and SELL it for pretty expensive.. But i know i will be looking into giving my old shoes to someone who needs them. Maybe ill look into someone place that send old shoes to kids or familys in other countries.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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