Tuesday, April 6, 2010

our happy easter, Sunday

{instead of traditional easter baskets, we opted to let the boys plant some herbs and got this stuff for them instead. it was love at first sight}

{this was the egg we left for Jonyn to find...}

{glancing at it as he grabbed the wall for balance was as close as he got to it}

{i just really have to say... i think i have the cutest babies ever}

{good times}

{he loves it outside... and yes, he ALWAYS walks with his arms just like that. it's pretty precious}

{those soft soled shoes are the ONLY ones he doesn't cry about when they're on his feet}

{Daddy helping him up and steering him AWAY from the road}

We also had our neighbors over for some ham and strawberry shortcake. The day was the best ever ;) I hope your Easter was as blessed as ours :)

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