Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Top Ten

Since we've discovered that come September, there will be FOUR boys in our house (not including Daddy), my post today will be 10 things that come to mind about having four children that are all boys under one roof!

1. My toilets? The ones that already get dirty from boy spray the day I clean them? WILL NEVER BE CLEAN AGAIN!

2. Bodily sounds will likely keep them all four entertained at once someday [for HOURS].

3. There will be years when they eat EVERYTHINGINTHEHOUSE.

4. girlfriends........ *sigh....

5. Dirt, mud, grime... it'll always be present. ON THEIR BODIES.

6. Beating each other up will be normal.

7. Most things will likely turn into a competition between them.

8. {I don't have to plan their weddings :)}

9. THEY will do all the heavy lifting around here :) Good for when I feel the need to rearrange!

10. Boys mow the lawn, take out the trash, and bathe and feed the dogs.*YESSSSS!*

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