Saturday, May 15, 2010


My second child.

He's equal parts incredible and difficult! I love him. But he truly does make this parenting gig harder than the others do. We DO NOT call him the middle child. He's our second born. Even if we had never gone past three kids, he would be our second child. The negativity that surrounds calling a child 'the middle child' is just not something we want to in our home or to place on our child. He doesn't act out BECAUSE of his birth order. He is who he is. Stubborn to the core. The child knows what he wants (and fights for it) and throws a fit when he can't have it. We're working on this. Anyways. Sorry, just had to add that. MY POINT was to tell you that I got him registered for Kindergarten on Thursday. The boy is SO excited about starting school and going EVERY day. *at the moment, he goes two days a week* I'm happy that he's so happy. In August, I will have two school aged children. I LOVE the boys' school. We've been blessed with the teachers Taylan has had. They have loved what they do. He's learned SO much and enjoys his days at school. So I'm excited to see who Kanyon's teacher will be. It's going to be an exciting month, this August :)

Peace out, my homies.

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