Sunday, May 30, 2010

not too well

If I could make him NOT sick, I would. He's been sleeping more. Eating less (but thankfully still eating). Clinging more. Wanting us more. His little throat sounds awful. His airway sounds a little blocked. He can't talk normal. He can't breathe normal. This is day three. My baby has only had ONE ear infection, and ONE sinus infection. He's usually a super healthy dude. That's pretty great considering he's almost 15mths old.

So this morning, Toby insisted I take him into the Walk-In. I'm not one to always run to the doctor, I like to wait things out a bit. But today, I told him to make the decision on whether or not to take him in. He said do it. And I'm so glad I listened. I'm thankful I know when to listen and submit to my husband.

The doctor said his ear is getting infected, it's not yet a complete and total infection, but it's on it's way. He has ulcers on his throat, which could be strep. She didn't test him, but suspects that's what it may be.

SO she's treating him like he has strep, a virus, and an ear infection. So he's going be on antibiotics and an oral steroid. That one is supposed to make him hungrier, but upset his tummy AND give him diarrhea, make him cranky and make his sleep more restless. Oh great. Love that we're getting worse before we get better.

So if you remember, please say a small prayer for my boy, who rarely gets sick, but is REALLY sick right now. Pray that he gets well fast and doesn't have all those nasty side effects. I so HATE drugging my boys up. I don't like to give them so many meds. *sigh*

If I could make him NOT sick.... I SO would. And although he's so sick, and may have a contagious thing... I still can't help but snuggle him close and kiss all over him.

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