Thursday, May 13, 2010

I wear my baby....

{jan 2, 2010}

It cracks me up when I am wearing Jonyn in public.

I love to wear him. The ease is amazing, even with a belly. The mobility is amazing, I go at my own pace. The fact that he's SO close to me is amazing. And of course, the fact that my arms don't go numb or get sore, my back doesn't ache, and my hip doesn't have to be jutted out to carry him are on the list of why I love baby slings and carriers. I mean, the child has gotten HEA-VY over the past few weeks. So carrying him makes all the difference in the world. I can only carry him with my bare arms for about 10 or 15 minutes at a time because my hip starts hurting, and my back starts aching, and my arms are wearing out. [Did I mention he's heavy??] Maybe I'm a wimp, or maybe I'm just spoiled to the sling. Sometimes, it's how I get Jonyn to sleep when he's super sleepy, but refusing to shut his eyes. Also, he really enjoys being carried.. most of the time. It makes us happy.

Anyways, when I wear Jonyn out in public, there are always whispers when I walk by, and it always makes me smile. I also get stares, and sometimes... huge grins. It's amusing! I hear things like, "Hey look, you need one of those!" when people whisper to the Mom with them who is juggling a baby in her arms. "Wow, did you see that?" and, "I've never seen one of those before," usually referring to my sling [instead of my Mei Tai]. I often get asked where I got my sling. Then be told that, "My sister/aunt/wife/granddaughter/niece/daughter needs one!" Does it hurt my back? Am I afraid the baby's going to fall out? < That one takes the cake! Your baby isn't going to fall out! You'd have to be carrying your baby WAY wrong! Much older women tend to say, "Well, isn't that neat!" It's just plain cute.

THAT'S why I wear my baby. Because I like to be close to him. It's easy. It makes us happy. And to be amused by other people!

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  1. I love that photo, you can just feel the closeness and joy. Babywearing is the best, I totally agree!


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