Monday, May 10, 2010

my household solutions

Here are some solutions that I make up around the house. I thought I'd share them with you. It's so easy to clean and diaper my babes more naturally. I love it! I feel like I'm doing something really good for my family when I save us money by making these, and by keeping the chemicals out of their reach and off of their skin. Plus, ya know... it's not too bad for the earth either. Of course I do these things MORE for my family's sake, than the earth's.

-All Purpose Cleaner

1/4 c. white vinegar
2 T baking soda
1/2 gallon (1 liter) hot water
few drops of essential oils (I use tea tree oil. *LOVE*)

found at Simple Mom

-Glass Cleaner

1 gallon water
1/2 c. non sudsy ammonia
1 c. white vinegar
2 T cornstartch

-Furniture Polish

Equal Parts:
   Olive Oil
   lemon or lime juice
 *I only use a couple of tablespoons each for the size of my stuff

found at

-Cloth Baby Wipe Solution

3 c. warm water
2 T olive oil
3 drops scented essential oil (I skip this since I like the smell just fine with the tea tree oil)
2 drops Tea Tree Oil
2 T baby wash
*I cut this recipe in half for my needs, though with the new baby, I'm sure I'll be using WAY more

found at Keeper of the Home

-Baby Wipes

1/2 roll white Bounty paper towels
2 c. water
1 T baby oil (I'm sure you could use olive oil if you wanted to)
2 T baby wash
 air tight container

directions:  Get an airtight container that can hold ½ a roll of paper towels. Cut the roll of paper towels across the width. In your container pour the ingredients and stir until well blended. Place the paper towels in and close lid. Wait 10 -15 minutes and turn container upside down. Let absorb another 10 -15 minutes. They are done once all of the liquid is absorbed into the towels. Open your container and pull the cardboard roll out and tug the center towel out. Now your wipes will pull from the center to simplify use.

*I haven't tried this personally since I like to use cloth wipes, but I hear it works amazingly well!

found at My Little Gifts from God

I used to just combine vinegar and water for my cleaning solutions, or use undiluted vinegar, but I found that I really REALLY like the all purpose solution for ALL the surfaces in my home (except glass, and when mopping). I've noticed the vinegar smell isn't as strong with this solution, you can smell the Tea Tree Oil.. I love it! Also, you can find Tea Tree Oil, and other essential oils at any place that sells soap and candle making supplies, like Hobby Lobby where I got mine. The fun part of it all, is that I have ALL these ingredients on hand pretty much all the time!

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