Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my husband is the best

That's what I said on Facebook the other day. He is. We don't like to share super personal and intimate things we say to each other on FB where EVERYONE can read them. We like to keep it between us. Yes, he tells me I'm beautiful. But that's between us. An intimate moment kept to ourselves. For the few who read my blog, I do keep it real here, but I try not to go into too much detail. (Though sometimes I know I do). This blog is documenting our lives and I love that, but some things I would much rather just cherish in the secret places of my heart.

However, I will tell you, my husband is the best. The other day, when HE wasn't hungry and I was, he went and got us dinner. It was sweet and selfless. And since the last time I wrote about US, things have gotten better. Maybe it's that I'm spending a little more time with God, though I still fail to be completely faithful in doing so every day. Maybe it's because I've tried harder and nagged less. Maybe it's because he's tried harder. MAYBE it's because we love each other and are working on the not so great areas of our marriage together. MAYBE it's because no matter what, we refuse to just give up and give in to letting the devil have his way.

He gave the baby a bath tonight [without me asking] and got him all lotioned up [without me asking]. He got the boys' showers started [without me asking]. And those small things are really big things in my heart. They make me smile. My love language? It's a combination between Quality Time and Acts of Service, though I can tell by paying attention to myself that quality time wins by just a smidge. His? Words of Affirmation. I knew it as SOON as I got to that part of the book. Never read it? I'll say it again. YOU SHOULD. Especially if you struggle in your marriage at all. But really? Even if you don't, it's a little pick me up for your spouse. But...YOU MUST DO THE THINGS IN THE BOOK THAT IT SAYS TO DO. Being affirming with my words is hard. My mother always said kind and loving and uplifting things to us as kids and teens, and she still does today. So you would think it'd be easy for me. No, no. It's not. But feeding each other's love language helps our marriage. {You'll even discover what you child's love language is}.

I still struggle with body issues, and having a bulging belly doesn't help. Yes I understand that's baby. But people, it's bulging and the whole bulge? Well, it's not all baby. There was fat there before baby. Now that fat has been shoved around. It's still there. So the bulge? Yeah, doesn't make me feel attractive. I'm still like 20lbs lighter than my heaviest. I've only gained 5 so far this time around, but body issues.... they suck. GEEZ! Still, my husband? He doesn't see what I see. He sees way beyond it...

{my soul mate}

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