Thursday, May 13, 2010

my Tay-Dawg

Yes, we do call him that. He is my oldest son. He will be the protector. The wisest. And as I have mentioned, he turned seven yesterday. I know I'm making you guys wait on knowing what our fourth baby is, but you MUST understand, I have good reason. When you have more than one child, it is easy to minimize their big day for the sake of another's. I can't do that to my Big Boy. He had a birthday, and we soaked it up. Together. I want to make sure that in the future he knows that he is not less important than the fourth child. I love my kids, and they need to know...

Taylan. My sweet one. He is so smart, and witty, and his facial expressions are priceless. He reads like a whiz! I can't believe how incredibly smart and intelligent he is. He's sensitive. He LOVES to read. Oh, a child after my own heart! He listens. He's reasonable. He's such a handsome little boy, and so much more... I love him more than life!

Yesterday, I told him Happy Birthday first thing. Sometimes he's awake before me, and a little while back, I told him when that happens, to just go ahead and get dressed. He was dressed for school, in long sleeves, in 90 degree weather... couldn't talk him out of it. When we asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he was so specific, an oreo ice cream cake. Where did hear about those?? I dunno... but that child doesn't request much, so we gave in and got him one. He had only one present to open, and although it was something he's wanted for a LONG time, he was so calm in opening it, even when he realized what it was. It wasn't til after his shower he realized that he opened ONE gift, even though there were multiple things in that gift. HELLO OPPORTUNITY. It was a great chance to explain to him that it wasn't about the number of gifts he got, but rather, that that one gift was from our hearts, and especially for him. We also explained that there are some boys and girls that do not have the opportunity to receive even one small gift. And we should be thankful at all times for what we are given or blessed with. He was so receptive and understanding. Everyday, I'm amazed by that child, by what he knows, what he understands. He had a good birthday, a simple (we don't do parties, and my heart sings) birthday surrounded by loving and blessed parents and silly siblings. I thank God for giving me HIM and knowing that HE would be perfect in our arms, in our home, in our lives, until he takes up his permanent home in Heaven.

Taylan Peyton Chambers... I love you... so very much... and now... I'm crying because my heart?? it's so full...

My son... my firstborn child.

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  1. Aww the one that made you mom, He sounds like a great kid!!!


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