Sunday, May 9, 2010

oh bliss...

Toby and I don't really celebrate holidays with gifts and such. Usually we like to go eat out as a family or snuggle up and watch a movie together, or something of the like. Today was just another ordinary day, except today, the first words my honey said to me were "Happy Mother's Day" with a great big grin. Then I said to him... "You know it's not gonna be warm today, right?" It's because the caretaker in me saw that he was wearing SHORTS when the weather was not going to be 'shorts' weather and I just had to inform him. I got the boys ready for church... I even wore different eye makeup today. The color wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be, but... I think I liked it. Toby didn't notice a difference, and neither did anyone else. That or it looked bad.... if that's the case: SOMEBODY TELL ME so I don't wear it like that again. Be my friend like that, k? I'd like to know the truth. No really, I would. So went to church. Good times, as always. Our nursery is just booming with kids right now....

Anyways, to keep the rest short and sweet today *after days of not posting ANYTHING* we went to eat lunch with a gift certificate that was gifted to Toby as a thank you. We came home. Toby and I played video games, and so did the boys. We went and got Sonic drinks, because really, is there any better place to get a nice giant fountain drink? I think not. And I may or may not have had ice cream from there two nights in a row. We went to our friends house to visit for a minute, then came home, and hung out. Not much happened today, and whoa, did I love it! Now the big boys are in bed, and I'm about to try seriously hard to get the little one to go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.... sigh... we'll see how it goes.

Here are my three monkeys a few nights ago.

My heart is full with my not so perfect, perfect children. Their handmade gifts they made for me at school and church are the best things ever! The tea party from the kids in Taylan's class on Friday... just darling. I loved it.

And yesterday... me... with my laundry behind me since I have to sort my clothes in my bedroom... in my pj's... showered with unwashed hair... a little extra flab... a messy bed... and a sweet kicking babe growing it's little heart out in my womb...

oh bliss.... to top it off, Thursday... we find out...


and still, I think of my two babes in heaven just for a time and know they are perfectly held in their Maker's loving hands.

Happy Mother's Day to you.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Brooke. Such a cute shot of your boys, that one eyeball peeking over the cup!

  2. You are the most amazing wife and mom I know. Your family is vary blessed and I know they love you more than they can ever tell. You are so loved and precious.

    Mom #2


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