Thursday, June 3, 2010


I don't like it when little frustrations turn me into one giantly frustrated person. It ain't pretty. Yesterday, a bunch of things mounted into one huge feeling of annoyance.aggravation.frustration. It happens. That's life. But I SO let it get to me. I SO take it out on others. You know, like my family. They get the brunt of it. Then I feel terrible.

I think I'm letting life get in my way. These past two weeks, I can't seem to REMEMBER to open my Bible. That sounds so lame. But it's honest. I FORGET. How? I dunno. But I do. I was doing so well (I think) then I slip. I'm being discipled right now through this 'program' (for lack of a better word) we have at our church. It's a great thing. BUT I AM DOING TERRIBLE. I'm supposed to be doing these things the book says to do, butttttttt I'm not. I suck sometimes.

BUT today is a new day. And I WILL make it a priority today to open the sweet Word, and do what I need to do in my discipleship book. I WILL.

Also, my dishwasher quit working, well, it quit cleaning my dishes, so I started doing them by hand, which is fine. sorta. until I let them pile up too much. Anyways, so I thought, 'HEY... I can use my dishwasher as a drying rack. Great idea!! I'll put all my 108 clean dishes in there, they'll dry, and my counterspace will be free from clutter!' So this morning, I kept thinking... 'something in my house stinks. But where's it coming from.' That ever happen to you? I thought so. So I open the dishwasher to grab J a cup, and OH MY WORD! It smells like rot-ten eggs! Joy. I don't know why it would smell that way. But basically that means I have to rewash all those dishes because it's likely they, too, absorbed that awful smell. And people? I had a lot of dishes in there :(  Guess I'll just add it to the list of 300 things I have to do today and tomorrow to ready for our trip...

My second boy let me take his photograph yesterday. Key words... he LET me. I was so happy about that! I've been itching to have some more sessions since that last newborn one I had. *don't forget, I have special pricing for friends now* Isn't he just handsome?

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  1. Sorry bout the smell...that stinks! *pun intended* haha

    CAN.NOT.WAIT. For our trip!! WOO-HOO!! Can't wait to spend some time with you!! Hope you're bringing your camera...may have to get you to do a mini photo shoot of my pretty little family on that pretty white sand (while it's still white)!! hehe

    Also, I would love to step behind that very same camera and play photographer to get some awesome pics of you and your hubby too on that very same white sand!! What you think?

    I love you!! Happy packing!!


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