Sunday, June 27, 2010

self portrait

It's so funny, because I've been thinking about how there needs to be more photos of me around here...more with my face in them too... not just pregnant belly. And we all know my husband won't just pick up the camera and snap away. I love him, and I'm thankful he's always willing to let me photograph him, but no, he ain't gonna be takin' my picture any time soon ;) ANYWAYS, as these thoughts stumble around in my mind, I came across a blogger friend's post. I thought, oh, I could do this. Once a week, make myself take a photo of myself. Yeah. I can do that. Then my boys would have more photos of me when I'm old and gray and they're looking back saying.... Look.. See how [fill in the blank] Mom was!!! I mean, most of the ones of me AT THE MOMENT are: Look... See how BIG Mom's belly was!!! So I'm hoping that even after B is born I can continue to do this, though maybe not every week at first, but I'd like to see how much I change too as my life goes on. We usually grow and age and not truly realize how different we look. I had that HOLYWOW moment a few months back. OH MY...are those? are those wrinkles?!?! Why yes, yes they are. And these gray.hairs keep popping up too.

Anyways, all that to say that Jess at The Old Nichols Farm is hosting a little self portrait challenge each week. We're to take one of ourselves weekly and I think it'll be fun! I had already been thinking about doing something similar for just me lately, but now, I'll just link up with her and share with you what I've done.

Though... maybe there's still some more about my camera I don't know... like how to focus from far away with a self timer. No, I couldn't do it.... It seems like it should be so simple.... maybe I'll study up on it so there's not 100 pictures up close of my face. But for now, that's whatcha get...

Yes, those are just how my eyes look. They've only been sharpened a little. Of course, I may be the only one who thinks they look over edited.... even though they haven't been edited.... guess it's the photog in me...  And my skin is always that red and blotchy. It has been since FOREVER! Also, I'm a day late... sorry Jess :( AND it was thundering and lightening a bit ago when I took this. Now it's raining some.

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  1. Brooke you are beautiful! I see now where your baby boy got his gorgeous eyes from, and no, your eyes don't look over-edited. The secret to focusing with a shallow dof with the self-timer is "back button focus". ;)


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