Thursday, June 24, 2010

the trip... part 1

Who knows how many times I'll actually post about our trip. But in case I do it again, we're calling this part one. Really... I just wanna share my lovely, or not so lovely, photos.

If I haven't mentioned... this was the first time that Toby and I have EVER been away to anywhere on any type of vacay or get away. AND we had no babies to take with us.... well, 'cept for the one brewin'. It was so.nice. To have husband and wife time without work, yelling at kids, worrying about dinner, snacks, all the mommy stuff I usually do, ya know. We had a good friend get married in Destin, FL and I was supposed to be in the wedding, but uh, my dress didn't fit a couple weeks before the wedding. Dern pregnant belly. But it worked out since a groomsman couldn't go either. It made things even again. SO I just helped Toby video the wedding and reception. I cried. Like a baby.

ANYWAYS... this is part one. obviously, so I'm posting photos of our little trip From Texas to Florida to Oklahoma.

First of all... we met Toby's family in Gainseville, TX to drop the munchkins off with them for our week of bliss. It was the first time I've been away from my littlest baby. Yikes. I was nervous for both of us. But he did great. Almost TOO great.... Yeah, no... he didn't cry for me. not once. not at all. nada. hm.

So then we get to the Dallas area and get stuck in traffic. I have no kids to tend to or entertain or yell at, so I get bored and whip out the handy dandy camera and took pictures of the overpasses, clouds, some randomness...
My sweet husband made fun of me for this next one. He said that most people take photos of the FRONT of these signs... but hey, it's what I could see from where we were NOT moving in traffic. So whatever.

Then we go through Louisiana and across this hugely long giant long bridge. Where lots and lots of water lived. I'll tell you all about the water tomorrow. I'm sure I've bored you enough by now!


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