Friday, June 25, 2010

the trip... part 2

Remember how I mentioned we went over this insanely long bridge and there was more water than I'd ever seen? Well, here are those images. Just keep in mind that we were driving 60+ while I was trying to snap these photos. I was pretty mesmerized by all the water. I'm from OK where we have way more water than TX, but GEEZ, this was a bunch! It was pretty great! Especially for a girl who has traveled very little in her life.
See? Insanely long. And this is just a small portion...

Until next time... peace out homies.


  1. Wow. Those are great shots for being stuck in a vehicle. So, was this flood water or do those trees actually grow in standing water like that?

  2. I believe they just grow like that. And this is the one time AUTO came in handy on my camera ;) No time to play with settings! It really was a very awesome sight!


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