Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the trip... part 7

It's my last post of our vacation... While there we did more than go to the beach and swim in the incredibly warm pool... we only ate out once, the rest of the time we went and got food for the condo. But the one time we ate out, we made it worth it, we went to Fudpucker's for lunch, just before their lunch rush hit, so we got in right away. It was really good, and man did I get a lot of food for my entree. We also got to see some little alligators while we were there. We also went to a place they called The Destin Commons. It was like a mall, only outdoors. Not one of those strip malls, but like a MALL mall. The center of it had stores lining both sides of the 'street' and in the actual center were little vendors for sunglasses, jewelry, snow cones and stuff like that. There was a Starbucks, which we stopped at a couple of times. We don't do Starbucks at home... it cost too much. They had speakers throughout the entire place that played the same music and that was neat. We went to the Books-a-Million they had there (it was close to Hard Rock Cafe), and a few other stores, but didn't really spend any money, except on a Baby Name Book. and some chocolate. It was fun.

Another day, we went to a putt-putt course we saw on the way in. It was pretty big and we had fun, even if it was really hot :) It was nice that this was something else that was simple that Toby and I were able to do together - just us.

Yep... I lost :(

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