Sunday, June 20, 2010

twenty eight

That's how young I am now. Yesterday was my birthday. My very first thought when I woke up, was "Wow, I'm 28. And I'm pregnant with my fourth son." It was an amazing day. My birthdays always are.... I don't mind saying so. I embrace and cherish each year that I turn one year older. It's fun. I don't ever dread getting older. I just don't. I think it's a natural part of our lives. I think getting older means a lot of different things... getting wiser and smarter (sorta), becoming more beautiful, understanding more about life, watching our babes grow up, learning acceptance, seeing the world in a new way... I think getting older is way more beautiful than being stuck where you *thought* your life couldn't get in any better. I think my life gets better and better the older I get. I don't need to stay in my early 20s forever... oh no... I love where I am. And I plan to always love where I am, even when I'm pushing 60. Yes, I will always choose to embrace my age and all the beautiful things that comes along with becoming older. I will do this each and every birthday.

This year, I got to be in Oklahoma for my big day. Around my family. It was not a huge celebration that we had, but instead, I enjoyed my morning with a sweet ultrasound... a gift from my Mom, and well... it's definitely a boy... no doubts. We saw all his limbs, his fingers, his toes, his ear (he would ONLY show us his profile...stinker), his nose, his lips, his sweet heartbeat. Sonograms NEVER get old. I could look at him everyday while he is being grown ... for hours, and not tire of watching him move. God has blessed us beyond what we deserve and I'm truly thankful to him for allowing me to be the Momma of these sweet babes. I'm over 25 weeks now. That means less than 15 weeks to go. Wow. We still don't know if we'll for sure have more babies, we'll just have to see where God is leading us when the time comes.

See my boy?
Oh yes.... for sure a boy...

Here's part of his leg, an arm, both hands, his left hand is right up against his nose. This was my favorite image, perfection, my baby all curled up and snugly.

Today is Father's Day. We're going to listen to our church broadcast over the internet, then go see my Papa and wish him a great big happy day, then go up to Toby's Mom and Dad's to swim and cookout. It'll be a great day. Tomorrow is our last day here. And we'll cookout with my family. I so love visiting home. I'm really not ready to go back to our home, but I so look forward to seeing my puppies and sleeping in my own bed.

I love my boys' Daddy. He's the best. The only man I dream of, love, want, hope for, the only one I want for my kids. I love him more than life. I thank the Lord for my husband who loves me for me, who is Daddy to three and a half sweet little men, who loves his role as husband and father. I couldn't be more blessed. I just pray that some way, I can be a blessing to him today.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and future Dads in our lives.

ps.... Thank you to EVERYONE for all the awesome birthday wishes. It means so much to me.


  1. Your baby is PERFECT! Happy Birthday Brooke.

  2. I agree, i embrace getting older too!!! Glad to hear you had a GREAT day and a great visit with the family!!

  3. What awesome pictures friend!! He's beautiful...just as I knew he would be!! :o) I love you tons...


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