Friday, June 4, 2010

twenty THREE

and my laundry? All I have left are a couple loads of towels and a bunch of blankets. The clothes? all put away except for the last loads finishing up in the washer and dryer.

yesterday... I went and got my hair cut at one of those 7.95 places. oh my WOW how it needed a good trim! It made such a huge difference!

and Jonyn? he.will.NOT.stay out of things!! turkey is so busy allthetime. oh me.


  1. Yay!! You did it!! Good for you!! I have kept up with washing the laundry so it's all clean. I even put all the sheets in the washer this morning before I left for work...however...*ah-hem* it is still not all folded but I am progressively packing. So, I have all four girls bags out on the couch open so as I'm folding, if it's something I wanna take, I just fold it up and pack it away...makes 'putting up' the clothes so much easier...for now!! haha

    Still have A LOT to do though!! I guess I should have taken off a couple of days before we leave to get all this done...oh well...I do 'last minute' very motivates me!! Very proud of you though!! Love you tons!!

  2. cute pregnant belly! Love seeing your pics :) They always make me smile!


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