Friday, July 23, 2010

are they all YOURS?

Strangest interaction with another human I've probably ever had occurred today.

I just have to tell you. And so you know ahead of time, what I say is not me being mean, but only telling you exactly what happened.

So me and the three little dudes go to the grocery store (the dreaded Wally-World). I decide ahead of time that Jonyn is going to go in on my back in our Mei Tai style carrier. It's so much easier this way. TRUST. When I don't wear him in, he gets upset because he has to sit in an uncomfortable shopping cart for so long. And he's Mr. Grabby Hands. This just doesn't work for me. So I wear him to avoid the grabbing and the inevitable screaming he will do. And people, it works like a charm. He fell asleep about ten minutes into shopping. Go ME!

Anyways, so we get to where the chicken is. I only need one package for the week for our two chicken meals we'll be having. As I'm looking for the breasts, an older man is sniffing several different packages of chicken. Maybe for freshness? I dunno. I always look at the date, but never thought to smell it. I wouldn't know what smell for anyways.

SO, I get my chicken, go down the frozen aisle for some veggies (tight budget this week), walk to where the tortillas are, and as I'm hunting for the size I need (and the cheapest ones), the very same older man that was over at the chicken at the same time as me stops me....

"Ma'am. I know it's none of my business, but I just have to ask. Are they ALL YOURS?"

I really expected a question about wearing J on my back. Nope. Not so much.

"Yes. They are. I've been married almost 10 years and we have three kids." It's really what I said. I was in shock just a little bit. And I'm sure I had a strange look on my face.

"Oh, wow, okay, hm" That's what Old Man said. Then... "Still working on more??"

"Yes, due in a couple of months." That's what I said.

He giggles a little and said, "Oh my. Wow." More giggles. He walks away with a stunned look on his face.

I need some broccoli and carrots. Off to the produce section while I go over what just happened in my head.

Yeah, I'm still a little surprised. That is the first time I have EVER had anyone ask me if my three boys were ALL mine! I mean, have you seen them?

Now I wish I had just said, "Oh no, none actually, I stole them all at birth," and walked away. Now THAT woulda been GREAT!


  1. Old people you would think wouldnt be surprised by a larger than average sized family! and also why is 4 such a big number anyway? Way to handle it Brooke!

  2. Oh yeah, like three (plus one) is that many anyway. Sheesh, what a wierdo. Go for five Brooke!

    Anyway, maybe he was just imagining how wild and crazy your days must be, and what a superhero you are! ;)

  3. The stares will only get better once the bun in the oven gets here...and you take all four to the grocery store...some of my favorite times...I must say! I just look at them and SMILE!! Good times...way to go!!

  4. Elizabeth is right, it will get more interesting with four....we get all kinds of reactions when we take all the girls to the store...I think a lot of it is because we look young....which is kinda cool...aging well I guess! I would venture to think that this is what the old man was thinking about you..."what is this young lady doing with three kids and pregnant!"

    You can't take it personally, just think about how protective those boys will be of their mother as they get older and some old dude comes and asks unintelligent questions like that! :o) FAMILY ROCKS! Big or small!


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