Friday, July 16, 2010

camera strap cover WITH ruffle

So yesterday, my sweet little baby woke up from his nap and shortly thereafter started running a fever. Not majorly bad. It was 101.2. I wasn't flipping out, but I could so tell he wasn't feeling well. He laid in the floor STILL for about 10 minutes. STILL is not something he does. ever. So anyhow, after dinner, we did baths and showers. Jonyn was done with his bath almost right away, so yeah, he was feeling pretty cruddy. The only good that came out of him being sick is that he went to sleep MINUTES after I put him in bed. That never happens either.

So I had time [for once], and decided on a whim that I'd make me a camera strap cover after coming across THIS site. I never remember how I come across so many great blog sites, just that I immediately bookmark them for future use. This site, I only found last night and so pulled out the trusted hand-me-down sewing machine from my Mom. {I love her. And my mom, too}

Her tutorial is for making an entirely NEW strap. I just adapted it to make a slip cover to go over my strap because I didn't wanna tear apart either of the straps I have. Also, it was the first time I'd EVER made a ruffle and it took me a few minutes of pondering what "pull the bobbin thread only" meant. I know what a bobbin is before you start making fun, people. I didn't realize at first she meant on the basting stitch I had just made down the center of the soon to be ruffle. Once I figured that out, it was AMAZING! I felt so cool! Really, I did!

My ruffle is tiny, and the fabric is just leftovers I had from when I made the Mei Tai carrier. There will be a next time. When I have extra dough, I plan on finding slightly heavier duty fabric and making 3 or 4 ruffles of differing sizes for the bling. We'll see how that goes. For now, here's my end result:

It ain't perfect, but it's my first attempt at TWO things: the cover and the ruffle, so I'm kinda happy about it :)

Not bad, huh? So.... first, you should know that I don't wear a camera strap EVER. I find them too much of a hindrance and they always get in my way or I jerk my neck because I move my arms a lot. It's true. So basically, this was just for fun and let's see if I can do it! Second, after spiking at 101.8 last night, the baby's fever finally broke before morning and he's his normal busy, climbing, thieving, fearless self. We have no idea what the random fever was. All my boys have gotten them at some point...


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  1. Very cool! A few extra quiet moments like that are priceless.


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