Friday, July 9, 2010

a fluke?

Maybe. But it was an AMAZING fluke.

We've been (really I have been) trying to comfortably transition Jonyn from our family bed to his own bed. I'm trying to make it easy on him so it doesn't stress the poor baby out after having spent the whole beginning of his life co-sleeping.

The first 6 or 7 days went pretty well. He was content to fall asleep with out me patting or touching him on his own each night. He just needed to know I was somewhere in the room. And it took less and less time for him to doze off each night. The past 2 or 3 nights, it's been really, really hard. He was NOT happy unless I was physically touching him. I could stand directly over his crib and he would still cry. It was sad. and hard. and made my back hurt. And it took FOREVER.
So last night, after laying him down in his crib. He started getting upset immediately. Y'all already know I don't do cry-it-out. At all. I don't like it for us. AND Jonyn does not like to be in a room alone. At all. I think it scares him. He's been that way since birth. I kid you not.
SO, after he started crying, I realized that both big brothers were on the top bunk of the beds asleep together, and the bottom bunk was F R E E. SO, I had a crazy thought to lay him down there and see what would happen.
Oh, man. M A G I C!! I put him down, covered him up a bit, kissed my boy, and walked out of the room, y'all! Not a peep out of that child. Could it be he doesn't like the bars and the restrained feeling?? Maybe. Could it have been a total fluke and tonight he'll flip out? Possibly. But holy wow, I was in heaven with all my babes going to sleep quietly without me having to be in the room.
I'll let you know how tonight turns out after we try that approach again...

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  1. Oh Brooke! I so hope that's the trick for you guys. The first and last shots of this set are beyond adorable.


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