Saturday, July 10, 2010

Me... and boy three

Remember how I'm participating in the Self Portrait Challenge (Facing Myself)? There's a linky up once a month, but for a little more challenge, the goal is to take one of ourselves once a week. I had this idea a couple of days ago (seems Jess and I thought a little alike this week, huh?) to make sure to get some of me with the boys. But what I wanted to capture was not them, but ME. How I am as their Momma with them in the shot. And here are my favorites with my littlest. Next week, I'll try to get one with another boy, and the next week, another boy, and lastly, maybe with my husband. We'll see how that goes. I don't take these selfies while he's here. It's awkward for me... even after eleven years. (Today he's out of town). Also, the last shot is my favorite. I am just drawn to it every.single.time I look at it. (And I am in love with this chocolaty black and white edit)!

Dear photog geeks.. it was only AFTER these were taken that I realized my ISO was way up there at 3200... maybe next time I'll look before I snap ;) Good news, however, is that I've known how to use Manual mode for a while, but stayed in Aperture Priority Mode forever because my comfort level wasn't up there. Now, however, I don't move off that little M. yay me!!

G'night, my homies!

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  1. Mmmm... sweet Mommy moments! Your editing on these is beeeautiful. You're more than welcome to put your link in a comment on the non-linky selfie weeks. ;) I'm so glad to have you playing along!


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