Monday, July 19, 2010

new developments...

Oh what a day! It's been pretty great, actually. until tonight. when it took over an hour to get J to go to sleep. when I really wanted a teensy tiny bit of time to MYself. Is that selfish?

Anyways, so I've discovered... I really like to put about a teaspoon of Olive Oil in J's bath. OH the softness. Then I don't have to use lotion because his skin is so delicious with just the oil.

Also, my neighbor across the main street here thinks it's way cool to turn his motorcycle on, rev it up, and turn it off again, all while playing music outside. at night. while my kids and I are trying to go to sleep. yeah.

My house was a wreck when I woke up today, because I slacked for a few days on cleaning, spent an ENTIRE day (between taking care of kids [one of which had hand, foot, and]) sorting out the FIVE tubs of the boys' clothes I have stashed away to make it easier on myself to rotate in and out clothes once boy FOUR is here. =longest sentence EVER.

My boys think it's AWESOME to unload the dishwasher, which makes doing the dishes more pleasant for me. I'm picky about how it's loaded, and someday I'll teach them the proper way to load a dishwasher. For now, they just do the unloading. But they're not allowed to touch the glass, or the knives. I think it's awesome that they think it's awesome! ;) 'Specially since they each unloaded it once today. yeah, I had a huge stack of dirty dishes. what's new??

My laundry pile is back to manageable!! And all clean things are put away where they belong again. Dipees are even stuffed and organized. That's a BIG deal.

I have found that if I call them JOBS instead of CHORES or CLEANING, my boys are more than happy to be assigned a 'job'. Yay for me! So the wrecked house I woke up to today is a super clean house I'm going to bed with! They were so awesome in helping me straighten up today. Also, when they are given tasks, they seem to fight less and get along more throughout the day. Wow has this made things a little less stressful. Sometimes, I just assign them a drawing 'job' so they'll sit quietly for a while. Tomorrow, they learn how to empty the bathroom trash, and put in a refill bag.

I can feel when the baby has hiccups now. As of yesterday. Love that part. I feel huge. Toby said last night as I was standing in my bra and undies that I'm looking awfully pregnant now. thanks, dear. I know. I can feel how pregnant I must look. This child is growing and pushing and stretching and making me darn uncomfortable. I mean, have you seen how big my bubble baby is on the right sidebar over there?? I have to pee like 12 times every night.

Jonyn goes down so smoothly at nap time, buuutttt not so much at bed time. I don't know how to fix this.

I sent my older two outside with my old camera (neckstrap attached, just in case) to see what would happen. They move the camera away from their face too soon. a lot. Also, they went out at two different times of day for these. All the photos in this post are theirs. I don't know who took what. One child took a picture of our large dog going number 2. Lucky, her booty was behind their large outdoor toy so you could only see the front half of her. TMI?? no. that's life, baby! And I'll spare you the shots they got. One kid took a picture of her butt. this was some time later, by the way. I have boys.

I'm worn out. In a lot of ways. [and I miss my Mom].

peace out.

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