Wednesday, July 7, 2010

self portrait 2

 the belly as we near the 28 week mark

I've been thinking all week about what to do for a self portrait, and the portrayal of a quiet moment is what I'm going with this time. I've tried  full body selfies before and am usually incredibly discontent with how it turns out because of how I look and the major flaws I see. I know my size and body shape, but am still always shocked at what the camera captures. I hope someday to do what my husband has already done for me: embrace my shape...

ps .... sorry for the gross dog snot and slobber window.... AND it's hard for me to try these things on
Saturdays... seems Wed. through Fri. is best. So this is a tad late, but thankfully, the linky tool is up for a week cause Jess rocks ;)

the old nichols farm - link up

1 comment:

  1. I love the smudged up window, if that isn't real then nothing is! I adore all your belly shots.


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