Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Maybe I'm a little too excited about the package I got in the mail today. But, I love packages, and it made me really want to hurry the end of this pregnancy along...sorta. I still wanna cherish every little moment. Like watching my tummy move as my littlest love rolls around, kicks, and hiccups all at the same time.  I love it when my whole belly moves because he's so busy growing and stretching in there. I don't get tired of that. I adore it. I never want that part to end. However, the tiredness, the sheer exhaustion, the cravings, the contraction pains, the uncomfortable-ness... that stuff can all disappear.

My package today reminded how excited I am about holding and nursing my little booger. It's always been my favorite part of having a baby. The bond we create during our nursing sessions is amazing. I love how fresh, brand new babies act like Mommy's milk is the best thing they've ever experienced. Of course it probably is outside of all the cuddles and kisses. I love how they drink it up. I love how we're skin to skin. I love how I snuggle them as I nurse them. I love I can smell them while they nurse, kiss their hands, their head... watch their chin move as they eat... watch them breathe. It's perfect. I love nursing.

My first time nursing ever took me a while to get the hang of. It hurt for a while. I bled, and cracked, and was so so sore. But after I figured out how to do it right, that was all the difference in the world. Yes, momma's to be, there IS a wrong way to nurse. I now wish I had sought out more support, I wish I had known there was so much more support out there. I wish I had been able to openly talk to my nursing (or previously nursing) friends to figure out what was going on. I was too scared to seek out help from anyone. I also didn't know I was doing it wrong.

Now, I know what to expect. And I SO look forward to it. And trying out what came in my package today. And trying out what came in earlier this week too! First, I got some new nursing bras from Motherwear! Thanks Nanny!! AND guess what?? If they wind up not fitting after B is born.. I can return them! But I am pretty sure they are going to be great. They're also so soft, and they offer a lot of support for us plus sizers. Most places around town either don't carry nursing bras anymore, or don't have the size I need, or don't make it very long before they fall apart.

Today, I got some Milk Diapers in the mail! Thanks Mom! And oh are they so incredibly soft! I've never tried reusable, washable nursing pads, and I can't wait! I like they way they are molded and how the soft side is against your skin. I also like how big around they are. I pretty much make a LOT of milk, which means, I leak a lot too, so I think these will work out splendidly!!

I am so ready to meet my new little love and hold him and snuggle him and dress him and kiss him and watch him while he sleeps and debate about who he looks like and introduce him to his big brothers and most of all, I am so ready to nurse him.

...even though this little dude may get a tad bit jealous...
...and I may have to keep my eye on him. he may try to teach baby
brother some bad habits, like running around nekkid with a light
saber and peeing in the floor...

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