Friday, August 27, 2010


So this evening I was able to get my super sleepy, unhappy, sweet baby to sleep before 8pm, and my big boys were in bed shortly thereafter. Usually it's a bit later than that before all three are out for the night. But with this first week of school, baby Jonyn hasn't been able to sleep late because of all the morning happenings. That adds up to early naps and being sleepier early in the evening. Which, as it turns out, I like this new routine with the babe. Granted, he still needs me to lay down with him so he can play with my hair, but I dig it, so I do it. He's so precious...

Anyways, all that to tell you, that after the boyos were in bed, I started going through my photos, making back up cds, copying them to another hard drive, deleting things I don't need, because well, I've filled up the hard drive on my computer. Yeah. I'm a Momtographer. I take pictures. LOTS. Although, the last month or so, I've been slacking horribly. I haven't even been blogging much. Which I've really started to miss the last week or so. So I have a few things I'm going to be posting about soon. {yay!}

AND all THAT to tell you this.... in the middle of going through my photos, I found this little treasure... It's not perfect, I was outside [obviously], he was inside [obviously] and not happy that we weren't on the same side of the glass. Seeing this face made me giggle.... I feel like he is looking straight at me in this photo.
 [july 2010]
And, it's not just the face I adore, but the way his hands are. The way he looks like I'm about to leave him for a very long time and he's not sure what to think about it. I assure you, I was just outside of the door taking photos of something right in his line of sight.

He's cute. And I love that I found this little photograph in sea of randomness on my computer tonight. (cause really, the folder it was in had some rather random pictures in it).

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  1. I think that is the most precious thing I've seen all day. I think you'd better hang it on the wall!


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