Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I hate stress.
I hate feeling stressed.
I hate that stress makes me wanna eat. everything.
makes me wanna cry.
makes me wanna run and hide under a mile high pile of blankets.
makes me wanna gouge out my eyes.
makes me wanna cry. some more.
I especially hate it when stress is over moneys.

Kid related stress... that I can handle.
Baby related stess? yep, that too. I can handle that.
Marriage related (which actually doesn't cause much stress for me, but when it does?) I got that too.
Don't get me wrong, all that is tough too.


it's the UN-mommy/wife stuff that gets me every.time.

Ugh, I hate stress.

And I should learn to pray.more.


  1. Brooke, I hate stress too, yet my life seems to be full of it lately. I thought it would be better once we knew what we were doing (moving and military), and it has helped some, but it really seems like all that stress was taken away and new issues to stress over have been put in their place. I try to remember to bring it all to my Heavenly Father, but I find my self all too often forgetting to do that until an issue is festering at me. *sigh* My life would be so much easier if I would bring Him those concerns and stresses when they first come up. One day I'll get there...I hope.

  2. Brooke, thanks for the kind words about our lil girl, it won't be long to you have a new addition? Are you all having a girl?


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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