Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sleep, please.

It's really all I wanna do. Really. Especially like days after yesterday where the baby just wanted to cry and fuss Even after naptime. And he had a good nap. But he was still cranky throughout the evening. The older two boys weren't any better either. It was a terrible day. And our bad moods just fed off of each other. Majorly.

So, some self-awareness is happening for me. First, I need a nap. Everyday. Silly? Yeah, it feels that way. But ah, GEEZ I function so much better during the evenings when I can squeeze in some sleepy time with Jonyn mid-day. I haven't the past two days. And oh, I can tell. I don't wanna do ANYthing. Nothing. Mr. Laundry Pile is lucky it was even touched today. Seriously.

Also, I have come to realize that my mood just before bedtime sets the tone for my whole next day. Should it be that way? Probably not. But it is. If I go to bed cranky, I wake up cranky. There ain't no 'every day is a new and fresh day' for me. Nope. I'm not wired that way. And yes, I'm admitting it. So I'm working on this. But sometimes, Toby doesn't help the situation.... those darn husbands. Just kidding. Sorta. Maybe.

It's also hard to wake up happy as all get out when I've been up twelve hundred times in the middle of the night to empty my partially full bladder that feels like it's so full it's gonna bust, then barely anything happens. Yeah, we're to THAT point. I am pretty sure I didn't start getting up so much til my LAST month with the other three. I still have two more months to go, technically. *sigh* Oh bladder, must you interrupt my sleep SO much?

And? Tomorrow is my last ultrasound, unless something goes wrong, of course. So I am VERY anxious to see how big this little peanut is. He feels huge. Could just be all in my head. Who knows.

And lastly? My kids are funny. But no matter how funny, I'm ready for school to start. They're getting bored now and they're ready for school too. And it's incredibly HOT for outside play. So too hot + boredom = one crazy house full of loud boys!

And to prove my kids are funny... (as my FB friends already saw) Kanyon came running in to me and said, "MOM!! Jonyn said 'uh-oh'! Like a HUMAN!"

(yes, son, did I forget to mention he was a baby monkey or something?)

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