Friday, August 13, 2010


Have you ever had one of those moments where you've known something was going to happen for a while, then suddenly


it hits you out of no where that OH MY GOSH THIS IS REAL!

Yeah, I had that moment today. All day, I have been SO uncomfortable. Sitting is not pleasant, and laying down has not been comfortable for about a month now. Standing seems to help a little. Which is bad when I have to sit at my computer for hours to finish and catch up on some editing. So basically, my lower abdomen has been getting all tight and stuff for a couple of weeks now randomly. Braxton Hicks, I'm pretty sure. But today? They started to actually hurt, and not just a little, but A LOT. To the point that I thought OH MY GOSH I'M HAVING A BABY! Not as in now, but as in oh my gosh soon!!!

Then I immediately thought, oh dear, what if he comes early? That one little thought threw me into a frenzy. I finished the photo I was editing, and got straight up from my desk and started cleaning like mad, cause whoa, our house is basically a disaster at the moment. So I started with the kitchen, had the boys on laundry sorting duty, then on toy room duty, then the living room. I got the kitchen done and helped with the living room.

Then, the daddy of this little booger, my love, walked in the front door, and I suddenly felt like a loon. I was crazy and he instantly calmed me just by coming home. Even though he had no idea I was in a frenzy at the time. He just had remarkably good timing.

I really thought for a second today that I was going to have to time my pains. After getting up, they got better. And after noticing that there's now a bigger gap between my boobs and my belly, I think he may have just dropped some and is stretching my lower belly a little and causing the pain. Plus, I don't feel as short of breath as I did. I just don't remember hurting so bad in my abdomen with the others. Although, I will say that my hip trouble has not been NEARLY as bad with this baby as it was with Jonyn. It still hurts sometimes when I over do it, but nothing like when I was carrying Jonyn. I'm pretty thankful for that.

Also?? he's a rock star... and oh my gosh, I'm having a baby!
 (excuse the jankity dipee, i don't know what was happening)


  1. Wow, what a story - I feel like I was there. Great little photo.

  2. Oh how I miss you friend... :*(

  3. Breath Brooke!

    Okay, I shouldn't tell you this, but I'm going to. The day my second child was born, I woke up with some spotting but no contractions. I went nuts and cleaned my house from top to bottom. I think I did seven loads of laundry too. That night, contractions finally started and he was born in the car on the way to the hospital. But it was perfect! My best birth experience of my three.

    It's okay to feel stressed. You're about to experience something profound and life changing (even though this isn't your first rodeo). But what I love the most about this post is the wonderful calm that your husband unknowingly gifted you with. I can just tell that you two are perfect for each other.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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