Thursday, August 26, 2010

thirty FIVE

I had my appointment this morning. It included a urine specimen, bp check, weight check (whew), ultrasound, and a check check, oh and a swab for Group B Strep.

BP is good as it always is. Weight is now totaling 20 lbs. Yikes. That's double what the other pregnancies totaled.

He checked me and I'm dilated to about a half centimeter, but baby's head is still kinda far up there. Half is better than nothing though, right?

Baby's weight is right on. Estimated to be about 5lbs 9oz. Must be my imagination that he seems so big. That's highly possible. His due date is the same. Doc expects him to weigh around 7lbs when he's born.

Next appointment is in two weeks. And I believe he'll check me again to see if I've dilated more. I have sporadic contractions too.... so maybe by the next visit, I'll be a little further along.

peace out dudes...

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