Thursday, August 5, 2010

three TWO

Oh, today. What a day. Again. I feel like I'm saying that to myself a lot lately once I get all the kids in bed. It was a crazy day. Last night both hubby and I went to bed BEFORE ten, and put in a Star Wars movie, because I don't even think it was nine yet. Anyways, we were both falling asleep right around ten. So we shut the movie off, and I had to pee. Shocker. Then Jonyn woke up about an hour later. To our bed he comes. For the rest of the night. After that point, I just tossed and turned and got up to pee a lot. I would lay there awake sometimes for who knows how long. I just didn't sleep well. And to top it off, it's kinda painful on the ol' tummy to try to toss and turn. I mean, my only options are lay on my left side with knees bent, and a pillow between them. Or lay the same way on my right side. Well, trying to roll this giant belly over from left to right (or the other way around) H U R T S! I think it pulls and strains my ligaments and what not when my body tries to roll, but the belly tries to stay put. It's kind of a heavy belly. And what you have to know is my weight gain....

total pounds with boy 1: 10
total pounds with boy 2: 10
total pounds with boy 3: 6

[this is no lie people, I'm a heavy girl, so weight gain wasn't all that necessary with those three or this fourth one]

total pounds with boy 4 SO FAR: 17 [seventeen, yep]
See what I'm getting at? My baby belly may be all cute and stuff, but dang it's heavy and makes my sleeping uncomfortable! Also? We didn't do the sonogram today, it'll be next time. In three weeks. Oh, and I have to go sign up for an epidural... just in case. Cause, I've wimped out every.time.

ANYWAYS, about today.... we get up and around, but somehow, oh somehow, I'm still running a bit behind this morning, get in the car and then remember that our gas light is on because we didn't get gas yesterday. Bummer. So I take care of that on the way to drop off the boys. Call Toby to let him know I'm close to picking him up and... he can't go. Work calls. DANGIT! No big, except he's never missed a sono appointment. But good news once I get to the doctor's office, he's pushing it back til next time since I'll be closer to the end and we can see how big this booger is.{he feels huge-O}

I get home, my chest (above the chest) is being bothered. It's my shirt tag. Great... I went all morning with a backwards shirt. Lucky, it looks the same in the back as it does the front. I narrowly escaped being stared at strangely today. So shortly thereafter, I had to change baby's clothes and I put him in a onsie (my fave!) while he's being all wiggly. 15 minutes or so go by and I finally really look at him and notice that I put his clothes on backwards too. Geez.

Did that really just happen. Uh, yeah, ding dong, it did.

And yeah, that conversation really DID happen in my head. So the day goes on, it's nap time. I try to get J down with no luck, but I am so sleepy I keep falling asleep. I decide to go to the couch and cat nap, sorta, you know, doze in and out. Not really working out for me. FINE. So I get up. Look for a recipe on line. And that's when I hear it. Jonyn starts screaming and crying that no breathing cry/scream thing. Kanyon bloodied Jonyn's nose. And not just a trickle. He was swinging around a puppy on a string [oh he knows better] and whacked Jonyn. Momma was NOT happy. Oh no.

Then later, Jonyn falls of the bed. Cause he's clumsy. And he falls and knocks his noggin on the floor. Clumsy.

Fast forward, dinner, bath, showers, teeth. BEDTIME! Sweet. I just put Jonyn in the Moby Wrap cause it's easy to get him to zonk in that. And well, I'm all about easy right now. We play for a little bit while he's all snuggle wrapped, then he finally decides he's sleepy enough to crash, and does. And I rejoice on the inside that it's bedtime and the kids are sleeping. quietly. without sound. non-loudly. Is it time for school to start yet??

ps... I'm 32 weeks today.

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  1. Oh Brooke! You'll make it through. I had a rough week too if it's any comfort! We should start a club.


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