Monday, August 9, 2010

wanna barter?

So the other day, in one of my $5 subscription magazines from Okay, the only magazine I get, I saw an article about a person who barters their artwork to get things they need or want. Then a few days later, a friend of mine mentioned doing some exchanging of goods, so to speak, to get some photos done of her babies. I was like heck YES! I would love to exchange services/products/goods to get something we both need (or want). How great of an idea is this?

 {Jonyn clearly thinks it's a great idea}

If you have a talent or something to bargain with, would you be willing to ask someone to trade services with you? For example, if I knew someone who was really handy with building things (like benches for my kitchen table, ahem) I would love to offer them my photographic services in exchange for what I need. My family just keeps growing and we don't have enough chairs for the soon to be six of us that will share that table. Benches would easily solve this problem. And I would be WAY more than happy to give up a couple hours or so to take some photos of their family (or kids or whoever) as my side of the trade.

So what do you think about this idea? If trading saved you money (or time) would you be up for it?

also?? it's august. AUGUST. that means.... this baby is due NEXT MONTH!!! ohmygosh. next.month.

and? I took some senior pictures last night...!! [gah! i love what i do!]

and in case you forgot.... my baby is really cute ;)


  1. Look at that hair!!!! He is a cutie!!! and BTW i would soooo TRADE services!!! I would gift them too... Baby shower gifts, engagement gifts, birthday gifts,well you get the idea.. But i am also a picture freak soo it would work for me!! LOL

  2. Wow, your photos and your blog are so good! I'm sure that with the skills you have you will find someone to trade with. When I needed new clothes for my babies I tried to barter, too. I tried it with my family and friends but it's more easier to barter on because you can trade everything there from goods to services and even real estates with so many people. I'm sure you will find somebody who will built you a bench in exchange of your photographic skills. Oh I think they are so adorable. Too bad I can't built a bench :-(


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