Friday, September 17, 2010

18 months

This is my boy. My little snuggle bug. My sweets. I love this kid. But I can't believe he's already 18 months old. And? About to be a big brother.
He's smart. Very smart. Though, he only knows two words. MOMMA and UH-OH. And he says them all.the.time. I'm sure his vocabulary will catch up to his smarts pretty soon.
This morning, when I walked the boys to school, I took this little stinker with us. Did I mention they were all three up before 6:45 this morning? The light was beautiful and perfect, even when we made it back into the house.
But in the two minutes it took me to walk inside, grab my camera, and get Jonyn back outside, that glorious sunlight was covered by clouds. Dern it. And it stayed that way the whole time me and my boy were running around outside.
Anyways, about my 18 month old fearless climber. Seriously, it ain't no lie - I tell him to get down off the kitchen table. I tell him NO a hundred times a day. Along with Put that back, Get out of there, Quit doing that, Get down... you get the idea. He's busy.
Very, very busy. And he babbles all day too. But he's a really great helper when I need him to be. See, he likes to try to climb into the dryer and get to my wool dryer balls each time I unload it. So I put him to work [really it's just a distraction, but he really gets into it].
I hand him the clothes from the washer and he ever so lovingly puts tosses them in the dryer with all his might. Then reaches up for the next item. It's cute, really cute. And helpful, even if it takes a few extra minutes to get the job done.
Speaking of dryers, I do believe he just locked himself in the laundry room. Maybe I should go let him out....
Why yes, yes he did. All is well now. Anyhow, he knows where his shoes belong when we take them off. He knows how to go get them all by himself and bring them to me when I ask.
He knows how to get his cup and put it on the table, run to the bathroom when I say it's bath time or time to brush his teeth.
He's favorite part of the bath is when it's time to get out and clean out his ears. Mostly because he likes to throw the q-tips away by himself. He knows where all the trash cans are and so we are always having him go throw stuff away. He gets quite excited and doesn't hesitate to clap for himself and kind of try to say YAY!
My boy is sweet. A sweet, fearless, snuggly, busy little toddler. And his world is about to be rocked with the birth of his baby brother. I'm sure he'll grow to love him as much as he loves his big brothers and as much as they love him.

ps. don't worry Mom, all these are in regular color as well :)

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  1. I'm sure he's going to love his new brother too. Jacob and Jordan are exactly (to the day and almost to the hour) 18 months apart, and they are the very best of buds, even now at at 8 and 9 years old.


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