Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am half sitting, half laying on my couch right now, and it is 4am-ish. I rarely climb out of bed after I get to sleep unless it is to empty my poor poor bladder.

After dinner last night, I started feeling a little sick, just nauseous, really. But a few minutes later, I had a few contractions that had me closing my eyes and breathing a little deeper. They hurt. But like I said, there were only a few.

It seems at some point in the night, my body tried to roll over without my belly. I usually use my hands to support my belly when I roll over so it's easier on me to get from one side to the other. But I guess I didn't do that one of those times. It suddenly felt like I had torn my stomach in two. It hurt. Bad. Enough to make me think I really did injure myself. Enough to get me out of bed and start looking up any possible reasons to be hurting like that. I tried switching sides, again. Sitting up, standing. Nothing was making it better. But I couldn't find anything on the net that really fit my description of what I was feeling.

And now, thankfully, the pain has subsided a little. Though I'm still having those stinkin' braxton hicks every now and then. And the baby is still moving pretty good...with the hiccups now. I still hurt, but GOSH, I've never had this kind of stuff happen with the other three boys. They were easy breezy. This baby however, likes to cause me some pain!

sheesh little dude, calm down... you're times a'comin'. I promise!

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  1. that not cool, i had it happen to me, while prego with gretchen mae... It hurt like something fierce, but after i did some LIGHT and SLOW movements it seemed to help... I loved with gretchen had the hiccups!!! just a few more weeks!!


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